Thursday, 21 August 2014

20. Peaceful

Blue skies, green grass, open space and nobody in sight...peaceful!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


A few weeks ago my teen asked me to take her to Bubbleology, my reply...'What the hell is Bubbleology?'

After looking it up on the Internet I learnt that Bubbleology is a type of coffee shop that sells bubble tea rather than coffee. This is a type of tea that was first introduced in Taiwan it the 1980's and given it's name because of the bubbles that form on the top after it has been shaken.

The actual shop looks a bit futuristic and sciency with bubble machines and equations written on the walls. There are a number of Bubbleology cafes across London, we visited the Soho one which is quite quaint but still full of customers.

So what is bubble tea you ask? Well it's a type of fruit or milk tea that comes in a variety of flavours and is served hot or cold. The milk flavours include Jasmine, Almond and coconut, which is the one I chose. The fruit teas include ginger, mango and lychee and there are also specials such as strawberries and cream and my daughters choice, banoffee pie!

The drink is served with an extra wide straw so that the round tapioca balls can be enjoyed with the drink. These tapioca balls are also known as pearls or boba and the black variety used in the bubble tea contain sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar. I expected these balls to be soft and kind of pop in the mouth but was surprised at how tough and chewy they were, they reminded me of jelly sweets but without the sweet flavour, actually they didn't really taste of anything and it was quite a strange sensation to have them keep popping up out of the straw when I was enjoying my drink.

We each had a cold drink and they were both tasty and refreshing however we were not really a fan of the pearls and after finishing the tea we just threw away the balls that were left in the bottom of the cup. I would definitely recommend trying bubble tea for the experience and obviously it's liked by many so it could be to your taste but personally it wasn't really my cup of tea!

19. Black and white

Although you can change any picture into black and white I thought I would take a photo of something originally black and white so I choose my two utterly cute kittens.

Monday, 18 August 2014

18. Jump

I love taking jumping pictures and thankfully I have somebody that is happy to jump in front of the camera for me because I didn't want to have to do it myself!

17. Bookshelf

I have two bookshelves next to each other, one is full of kids books but the kids are always complaining to me that they never have anything to read! My problem is I have too many books to read and not enough time!

I love all the trinkets that get added to the bookshelf over time, I have little ornaments, picture frames, clocks, candles and even bottles of perfume on mine and I think it just adds to the character.